About Us!

SBG Vidhyalaya is a state of art educational institution with international standards. With the demand for Indian teachers internationally, it is clear that the quality of education and development of skills in the student population of India is at par with global standards.

We aim at the overall personality development of our students, honing their leadership skills and looking after their emotional growth. Coming out of pragmatic methodology for teaching, Anuvrat Vidhyalaya, believes in conceptualizing unique ideas;

making the learning process an enjoyable experience, yet providing the required culturally appropriate values.. At Anuvrat, we aim to ignite young minds and create a passion in each student to initiate a lifelong pursuit of learning.

Our strong belief is that education need not be focused on rote learning. Rather, it should be oriented towards developing a fuller person — in body, mind and soul, a person imbued with a sense of independence,commitment and compassion, a person capable of providing the kind of leadership our society needs.