School Rules and Regulations!

1 . Students must be in the school premises at least 10 minutes before the school bell. Student who comes late will not be permitted in the class.

2 . Irregular attendance without valid reason, habitual late coming, insubordination to teachers or any other objectionable behavior to the good tone of the school is sufficient reason for penalty dismissal from the school.

3 . Students must wear neat and tidy school uniform dress every day.

4 . Students must not bring any valuable items to the school. School will not be held responsible for loss of property.

5 . Student Suffering from infectious diseases are requested to stay at home will not be held responsible for loss of property.

6 . Students are required to produce Medical Certificate if absent for more than the three working day.

7 . Leave taking during exam time shall not be entertained.

8 . All the Students must converse in English inside the school campus to acquire fluency.

9 . All the Students are requested to wear school identity card on all working days in case the students fail to wear they are not allowed to get inside the Campus.

10 . Parents are requested to cooperate with the School in enforcing Regularity, Punctuality and Discipline in the interest of their child�s Programs.

11 . Parents should check the student handbook daily and follow the instruction given.

12 . Change of address and mobile number should be communicated to the school at the earliest.

13 . Littering, Scrabbling or any damaging of school premises will be met with penalty.

14 . Parents may visit the principal during visiting hours (10.00am to 12.00 noon) with prior appointment. Parents may meet teachers only on working Saturdays.

15 . Parents are not advised to meet the children or staff members during the school hours with out of the prior permission the management.

16 . Every Wednesday students should compulsory wear sports uniform.

17 . Regarding holiday and special vocation details will be informed by SMS.